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November 2016


4:30 pm

There's a Monster on My Bed - Larry Dennis

Lucy - Chaz Gentry    
When Frida Became - Two Cats Fighting
Granddaughters - Larry Dennis    
$hitty Job$ - Dani Larson & Britt Harris
Reality  -Stephanie Michelle
Lokelani Cullen    
Press On - Tom Sanford    
American Sweepstakes Company- Travis Wright    
Time Girl - Ian Taylor        
Lester Burnham Days - Will Schmeckpeper     
Goodbye  - Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen
Room and Board - Andrew Ellis

Miss Sumpter County - Larry Dennis

May 2017


4:30 pm

On Purpose - Ian Taylor

The Pirate Song - Melina Marx & Larry Dennis
Annie's Cabin - Andrew Ellis
Napa County Water, Forest and Oak Woodland Project Initiative - Marie Marx Strohm
Haunted: New Beginnings - Sarah Goodwin
Dead Bed - Lee Vander Boegh & Kristy Leigh Lussier
White Ghost - Casey William Walker
Badger Game - Kip Whitaker & Luke Moody
Girl Love - Two Evil Actors (Dani Larson & Britt Harris)
Lost Loves - Linda Yordy
Time Wall - Jeffrey Paul & Greg Ilk
Hawaii Home - Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen

November 2017

trailer coming soon...


4:30 pm

Blend In - April Matson & Scott Grady
Make It Count - Sky Gate Films/Recycled Minds Comedy
A Life Less Fabricated - Brandon Freeman
Returning Andrew - Brian Jagger
The Profile - Brett Dayne
Cold Feet - Chris Kulin
From Ashes To Immortality - Eric Hyde
Blind - Hailey Jackson
Pin Drop - Kip Whittaker & Luke Moody
Mahogany Sky - Larry Dennis
Hinsdale - Lee Vander Boegh & Kristy Leigh Lussier
The Three Siblings - Timothy David Orme
Netherworld's Domestic Blend - Ravenous Schnitzel

May 2018

trailer coming soon...


4:30 pm

Hatos Komikos - Scott Grady

When the Gods Trembled - Ryan Oswald 
Nature Calls - Harry Vincent
The In Between - Elizabeth Findley
The Skepna - Hailey Jackson
I'm Fine - Brandon Freeman
A President, a Pacifist, an Auto Restorer - Larry Dennis
Danny and the Tree - Sean Conroy Mehen & Cary Judd
Dear Church: I'm Gay - Steven Siwek, Jr.
Death Pump! - Andrew Ellis
One Up - Kody Newton
Woodchuck High - Unschooled Productions
State Disco: Million Miles Away - Video Taper Guys

May 2019


4:30 pm

Danny & the Rock - Cary Judd & Michael Tetro

Shades of Charity - Rachel Swenson

HERO - Ice Cream Entertainment

Dr. Who, Velocity, Ep. 3 - Chris Phillips & Krystal Moore

Entropy - Phillip Stucker

The Art of Convers(ing) - Sarah Kent

Door 7 - Kody Newton

Just One Girl - Elizabeth Findley

Watoto wa Ahadi Rescue Center - Mary Kienzle

Some Bullshit - Alex Hansen

Taste of Your Lips - Bonny Koodathil

Hellcats Highway - Mack Lewis

Taste of Night - Ludmila Komrakova

Killing Tom - Scott Grady

The Annexation of Time - Cary Judd

Knock Knock - Ravenous Schnitzel

November 2018


4:30 pm

Cats & Dolls - Alex Ravella
No Good Night - Jonathan Conti
Sage Venom -  Scott Grady & April Matson Grady
Styx - Richard Martin
GLOW (For My Eye Only) - Bryan Bowermaster
The Kisk of Love - Larry Dennis
The Swallow - Elizabeth Findley
Blood Shed - Grant Osman
Boneyard - Justin Buss
Danny & the Bike - Cary Judd & Sean Conroy Mehen
Bacquets Restaurant - Benjamin Peterson

Jon & Lizzy - Josh Cremer
Out Tonight (Red Light Challenge) - Kody Newton

November 2019


4:30 pm

Self Love - Bryan Bowermaster

Dream of Me - Katie Two Dogs & Christina Lane Hawkins

About Andy - Jane Merrow

The Promise - Larry Dennis

Reason - Kody Newton & Brett Dayne

A Cinderella Story - Elizabeth Findley

Violin Scratches - Rochelle Smith

The Listener – Gabriel Braddock & Liam Walls

Sock Noir- Linda Yordy

Dawn Patrol - Himay Rivera

13 Bullets - Richard Dutcher

The Carving Party - Scott Grady & Tom Sanford

Stages of Grief - Chaz Gentry & Katie Ponozzo

July 2020


4:30 pm

Mia Miller - “Tuscarora”

Cameron Price & Alex Onda - “Silence”

Linda Yordy - “Hello Again”

Scott Grady - “Broken Belles”

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen - “The Unlost”

Kody Newton - “2:59”

Richard Martin - “The Gift”

Mark Holt & David Walk- “Ronnie & Me”

Collin Insley & Daniel Klamerus - “Wednesday”

Phillip Stucker - “Par-annoyed”

Kim Haskell - “I'll Love You Forever”

Landon Maughan - “Instrumental Illness”

Jared Hallock/Project 213 - “Naughty Jenny”

Dylan Wood - “The Day Hope Died” 

Rochelle Smith - “Desert Dweller”

November 2021


4:30 pm

Steven Zunich - “Unter”

Rochelle Smith - “Firedance”

Heather Horner - “Affective”

Elizabeth Findley - “Task of Reconstruction”

Hutt Wigley - “Max Helm: Curse of the Relic”

Timothy David Orme - “grip”

Cary Judd -  “Give Me”

Tom Sanford - “Going Back”

Brandon Freeman & Christina Lane Hawkins - “El Matamoscas”

Andrew Ellis - “Mentor the Drone”

Nichole Stull & Brian Morgan - “Girl From the South”

Jordan Gore -“Lethal Jack”

October 2022


4:30 pm

Jorge Joseph Harrington - “Birdhouse”

Stephanie Michelle Lokelani Cullen - “Annuler”

Nichole Stull and Jared Stull - “Stealing First”

Tom Taylor - “Where Has Sam's Shadow Gone?”

Shaho Ahmadi - “Pick”

Timothy David Orme - “secant”

Chance Fuerstinger and April Matson -  “Here is Where the Monsters Live”

Rochelle Smith - “Pink Feather”

Ray Nomoto Robison - “The Private Dance”

Jared Waters and Dan Klamerus - “AFter the Beep”

Elizabeth Findley -“Finding Mr. Right”

May 2023


4:30 pm

Serkan Aktaş - "Resurrection Under the Ocean"
Ray Nomoto Robison - "An Affair Remains"
Tom S. Taylor - "Raven"
Rochelle Smith - "All We Didn't Do"
Lee Michael Vander Boegh & Kristy Leigh Lussier - "Plan B"
Jordan Gore - "The Smokin' Saga - Pilot"
Sam Patzer & Jorge Joseph Harrington - "Your Turn"
Dominic Boucher & Hailey Jackson Boucher - "Rage"
Phill Stucker - "Trapped in the Trail"
Laura Kramer - "The Death of Olive Taylor"
Bryan Keith Bowermaster - "Rabbit Hole Trail"
Kody Newton - "The Audition"
Timothy David Orme - "vvaaccuumm"
Joe Quesada - "FLY"

November 2023


4:30 pm

Zoe Daly - “How to Solve a Mystery”

Kody Newton - “Truths”

Dylan Wood, Tray Robinson - “Sunday Morning”

Elizabeth Jane Findley - “Real Men Wear Pink”

Rochelle Smith - “Whisky, Wild Women, and Beer”

Sam Patzer - “Dragon Fever”

Jacob William Ronnow - “The Trip”

Jordan James Gore - “Up and Over”

Joshua Malloy - “One Last Dance”

Erica Deshner Cornwall - “Kitty and the Mermaids”

E.L. Anderson - “Come into My Arms”

Scott Grady, Tom Sanford - “Gradford Experiment”

Joy Rachel Moore - “Not You”

Justin Buss - “Running Late”

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