We're Looking for...

Short Films or 

Music Videos

We are developing a program of short videos, 2 minutes to 20 minutes long.

We are an R rated event and we're open to all genres, including narratives, music videos and documentaries.

We don't care where or when your movie was shot. We don't care if it's been shown somewhere else. 

Let's See What You Got

Submit Films


Send us your Vimeo or YouTube link to colossalcs@gmail.comIf you are on Film Freeway so are we!


There is no submission fee. Spend your money on better craft services.

And the Winner is...

Deadlines and Acceptance

We are accepting submissions for the May 2021 Showcase starting January 1, 2022!

Deadline for submission is March 15, 2022.


When we accept your movie for the Showcase we will be asking you for a movie maker bio, a picture of yourself, any 'behind-the-scenes' stills you might have, and  a digital file of the movie. Be prepared for that.